Protecting your eyes from blue light

Do you usually spend multiple hours staring at a computer screen or even your smartphone screen? In other words, are you a gamer, a programmer, or someone who stares at a computer screen regularly? If so, you should be looking for a way to save your eyes from the harmful blue light. If you fit into any of the below categories, you should start looking for a good pair of anti-blue-light glasses

  • You usually spend multiple hours looking at a computer monitor or mobile screen
  • If you spend at least 05-06 hours staring at the screens of a digital device, you will have to use blue light glasses in order to protect your eyes. You should keep in mind that blue light causes damage to your eyes gradually. Therefore, if you spend a considerable amount of time with those devices, you are much more likely to experience problems with your eyesight.

  • You already feel digital eye strain 
  • If you have started to experience headaches or blurred vision while using a mobile phone or computer, that’s a bad sign. If you have come across these symptoms, like dry eyes, digital eye strain, eye redness, eye fatigue, etc. you need to do something about it. 

    When your eyes are exposed to blue light for a pretty long period, your eyes will struggle to deal with the HEV (High-energy visible light) wavelengths. Therefore, you should consider using a good pair of anti-blue-light glasses

  • you have sleep problems
  • You may at least have heard that you should switch off your mobile phone and keep it away from the bed before going to bed. In fact, light tends to suppress melatonin that can disrupt the natural circadian rhythms. Actually, these are internal clocks that tell your body to fall asleep. And when these internal clocks are disturbed, you find it pretty hard to fall asleep. And lack of sleep is always associated with a lot of other health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, etc. Therefore, if you experience those issues, wearing these glasses is a good idea.

  • You stay up late at night
  • Are you a night owl by any means? That means, are you a shift worker or a college student? If so, you can wear these glasses and regulate your melatonin production. In addition to having an impact on your circadian rhythms, low melatonin levels may even lead to heart disease, obesity, etc. Therefore, you can use this type of glasses while doing a late-night shift or study.

  • You want to protect your eyes
  • If you have not experienced any of the issues with your eyes so far but consider prevention is better than cure, anti-blue-light glasses are for you. We are constantly exposed to blue light during our daily tasks. This light can slowly cause serious damage to your eyes over time. In fact, prolonged exposure to blue light is associated with blindness, age-related macular degeneration, and even cone cell death. 

    Hopefully, by now, you know whether you need anti-blue-light glasses or not.