About Us

Inspired by our love for dogs, cats, rabbits and all pets with paws, Pawfect Eighteen is born. We want Pawfect Eighteen to be more than a store – our vision is for it to be a world for all pet lovers. A world created for pet lovers to share their daily pet stories, pet caring tips, pawfectly cute pictures – all about pawfect paws while shopping from a variety of unique and awesome products. 

And the most wonderful thing is We get to help animals in need. Join us now and help us spread more love to all the animals in the world!

Here at Pawfect Eighteen, we believe that every pet and other animal deserves a cozy & comfortable place that they can call home forever, and our mission is to help these awesome pets and their friends in any possible ways. To give back to our beloved pet and other animal community, part of our profits will be donated to animal charity organization to help the animals, who need it most!