Cutie Milk Tea Squeaky Toy
Cutie Milk Tea Squeaky Toy

Cutie Milk Tea Squeaky Toy

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Who could resist the cuteness of our Cutie Milk Tea Squeaky Toy? 

This cutie milk tea-shaped squeaky pet toy is tougher than it looks, and is sure to drive your pet crazy and entertained which they will enjoy for hours.

This cute squeaky toy can help alleviate your pet's stress while waiting for you to come home after a long day from work.

Such an adorable and funny pet toy that looks like a tasty milk tea. Great for bringing more joy to your pet's daily life. A perfect squeaky toy for your active pet.


  • Made of soft fleece plush and PP cotton filling with a rubber squeaky inside.
  • The fine suture of this dog toy makes it durable for biting.
  • High-quality bite material.

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